Sunday, August 24, 2008

Be proud MOM!!!!

Well, really I had nothing to do with this, but thanks to all the rain we had last week, my flowers look perty good. SO this blog is for my mom reassuring her that her "plant killer-gene" didn't go to me:) See, some plants do survive in Amarillo!
P.S. Kennedy has the "I'm filling up my diaper look on her face because...well, she is


Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Wow are you sure those aren't plastic? Jena those flowers look great. My flowers do look a little better with the rain we have had, but nothing like that.
Way to go! Looks like Kennedy has a full diaper....haha.
Love ya,

Hooker Family said...

You did better than I have. I just do the fake ones so they look good all year round and I cant kill them! :) Kennedy looks like you did when you were little (or from what I saw pictures of you when you were little). That is crazy!!! She is so precious! Love keeping up with her! hope all else is well!

Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

New post please....Kennedy is already bigger than that.