Monday, October 6, 2008


This blog should have been posted a couple weeks oh well though.

So, a couple of weeks ago we went over to Jerod and Tiffany Land's house to cook out and meet their baby, Addalynn. Meanwhile, Kennedy and her BUSY self played with her new friends. This is a picture of Kennedy, Cody and her cousin Colton. (Dallas and Megan's new baby) Colton and Kennedy get along great, he doesn't seem to mind our extremely happy daughter that thinks his head is a basketball. He just sits back and laughs.

She also got to play with Kynlee Keeler who is Kent and Kristi's baby born in December a month before Kennedy. She shared all her toys with Kennedy and all Ken wanted was her yellow bow, poor Kynlee!!! Kennedy was everywhere and wanted every one's attention. (I think she gets that from Cody.) Down below are pictures of them playing,
of course Kennedy saw the camera and was off, while Kynlee struck a pose.
She is so funny, and this weekend made me realize what HUGE personality she has!! Oh my gosh Cody and I are in for it big time!! I think we are gonna have a pretty interesting life raising this girl, and are in for a lot of laughs!!!!


Jake and Julia Soler said...

duh she's got a big personality, look who her mom is, lol! I will admit our family would've been so, so boring without you making us laugh and pestering everyone and all you and dad's practical jokes and all that. I'm sure Kennedy will not disappoint in keeping up you and dad's entertaining qualities :-) I'm sure Jaden and her will be big laughs once she is older...can you imagine what trouble they will get into to entertain us all, lol!

Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Colton, Kennedy and Kynlee look so cute. But, where is Addalynn? I need to see a pic. I noticed Kynlee KEEPS her bows in.....Kennedy Grace.