Monday, October 13, 2008


Weekends get shorter and shorter and especially when you have every day planned out! This past weekend was one of those, but in a good way!!

My mom and dad came down, well up, this weekend and mom took Cody, Me, Jordan, Brandon and Kennedy to Jorges Thursday dad didn't get here till Friday. The next day Jordan and mom did wedding stuff dad came in town and they got to eat with their friends that night. Saturday morning we went to Jordan's wedding shower at Kim's house and then we left for Borger that day at 5 for Jacob's baptism. After an extended 90 minute ride home from Borger, I"ll get to that later, we were pretty exhausted! Sunday we got to sleep wait, that doesn't happen anymore...Kennedy got up at 6:00am on the button so her and I went and got coffee and breakfast while Cody slept in on his morning to sleep. At 1:30 we got our swimming suits ready, along with Kennedy's ear plugs, and went to mom and dad's hotel to celebrate Kaelynn's birthday. Kennedy had a BLAST swimming and was SO PISSED when I took her out. Later on that night we went with Jordan, Brandon, mom and dad to meet the one's responsible for the guy Jordan decided to marry, his parents. Turned out pretty good, we got bloomin onions, steak, and didn't have to pay! Lovely weekend and I hate that they have to go by so fast!!!

Look how EXHAUSTED my little girl is after our traumatic ride home from Borger! Usually it's a 45 minute ride and this particular drive home took us 90 minutes. It first started with her refusal to ride in her carrier. Now if the girl would gain 4 pounds she would weigh enough to be in an actual car seat like most kids her age! Anyways, after having to pull over twice, once because she wouldn't stop screaming and twice when she puked guava fruit and formula ALL OVER!!!! Needless to say she was so tired when we got home fell asleep taking a bath. Poor little girl!!

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Jake and Julia Soler said...

I had no idea yall had such a great car ride home! :-)