Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3 days down, 22 to go!!

We've got our tree up, presants wrapped, 3 days off our chocolate count down calendar, and our house is decked out with our silver and black snowflakes!!! All we lack our the outside lights which have been delayed due to the wind but I won't even pretend I have anything to do with those...Cody gets all the credit!!

Now,on the baby side of life, Kennedy has been breezing through the "hurdles of development" and this weekend was a fun one. In one weekend she: ate dog food, broke an ornament, unwrapped a presant, became the crying baby at Dillards that makes you say to yourself, I'm glad I don't have kids, fell in the bathtub (unharmed)....actually Cody just informed me she broke another ornament this morning...and got her first Goose Egg while throwing one of those lovely fits she just picked up on recently. WHEW...what a busy girl!! Did I mention she knows how to run now and HAS to walk especially while shopping.

After all those things that are to be expected I also know she is so kind hearted and will open mouth kiss you, blow you a kiss, hug your neck/legs, or give you the 6 tooth grin that makes you wish she'd stay that way forever!!

I did partake in the Black Friday CRAZE! Tara Reep, Krista Janke and I all got to Kohl's at 4:00 and got some serious shopping done despite all the static from the non-believers of the amazing holiday!! I will say I did my work this year and planned ahead for the best deals. I got 4 people's gifts FREE, 3 were kids, 50 dollars off Cody's, 30 dollars Kohl's cash, saved 85 dollars at Bath and Body Works, and a certain percentage at each store. Black Friday is a good thing to experience because...

1) It's now a tradition that Tara, my sister in law, and I have together. She comes to get me around 4 and we hit up Kohl's get our Starbucks, head to the mall and meet the boys/family at Kabuki for lunch at 11!! We don't' have a consistent 3rd wheel

2) I went Saturday to ensure the sales were legit and only for the early Friday shoppers, and was proven right! No way I would have saved what I did if I would have waited

3) I didn't contribute in any fights or bloodshed while doing this

4) I still have the Christmas spirit throughout the month of December

5) I have to do most of my dad's shopping

6) IT'S FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK well no pictures this time, just me rattling my thoughts off...Merry Christmas!!!


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Word from the Wards said...

Cute background! Glad you are in the Christmas spirit! Hey, you should go take Juno to the dog park today...that would be so nice of you...I would take Kennedy if you were gone for a whole week.
Anyway, going to lay on the beach...See ya soon! Love ya'll!