Monday, January 5, 2009

A few Fav's from the Holidays!

The holiday for the Seaton family was great this year!! We got to spend time with both our families and were able to spoil eachother well, at least I got a lot of stuff!!! Cody had his birthday on the 17th and I got a few friends together for a little surprise and decided I will never do it again due to the lack of excitement from Cody.

Kennedy did SO good with the tree, she only broke an ornament...or 2! That is way better than expected. We were both really glad we took it easy on gifts for her this year, because she just kept herself busy trying to eat all the wrapping paper and tearing it up into little tiny pieces. We'll make up for it next year I'm sure!

Kennedy is currently having a pretty hard time cutting her molars and just cut her 8th tooth in front! GEEZE that's gotta be HARD!!

SO on New Years Miss Grace ran a fever, diarrhea and runny nose. So just like last year we got to stay at home, at least I wasn't preggo this year!!! So I celebrated New Years with all the New Yorkers an hour early while Cody called everyone on his call list to wish everyone a Happy NEW YEAR!!

I'm not really into New Years Resolutions, Cody said he has too many to list and I just really can't think of anything. Wierd, but I can think of a lot more for him than myself...hmmm...anyway, January is going to be BUSY!! In 2 weeks Julia is gonna have her 3rd and final baby shower for Jared Wesley Soler (due February 27th) Cody's sister Tara is due with a boy, Kadon at the end of February as well and her shower is a week following. The biggest thing is, our Kennedy Grace will be 1 the 17!! We have been planning a trip to Corpus and want to as soon as I have time off!
So hope everyone's year starts off great, I just have a really good feeling about 2009! Maybe it's cause we get to claim someone on our tax deduction... Well, happy New Year!!

Luckily the Kenny doll from Southpark is hidden in this picture, Cody thinks she really should have it.


Word from the Wards said...

Kennedy looks so much like you in that second picture! Can't believe her and Juno are already turning 1! Went by so fast...

Ingram Gang said...

Kennedy is so cute. I agree, she looks a lot like you. Glad your family had a wonderful Christmas.

Jake and Julia Soler said...

I love all the pictures of Kennedy, she's so cute! How come you didn't put the one mom has of her and Santa? She didn't find that too fun did she, lol

adie1983 said...

Thanks for the congrats! I need advice from all of you mommies! Kennedy is so cute, I love keeping up with you guys on the blog:)