Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've already addressed my Christmas cards!!!

It's true, I found the Christmas cards I bought for last year in my linen closet and decided if those puppies were gonna make it in the mail they better get addressed. I won't tell exactly how long they have been addressed because I really am a busy working mom, and don't wanna sound pathetic.

I know that the sooner the holidays get here, the faster they are gone, but I just am so excited for the holidays this year!! I love Halloween and have had decorations up since September 1st. Kennedy got her costume in today and as I type is asleep in the living room floor wearing it. She is so funny!! So yes mom your right I will be getting my money's worth! (ha ha)

The biggest and most important reason for my excitement is because our little family went through a big change in February (valentine's day to be exact) and it feels like Cody and I are going through everything for the first time, and getting through life much easier and seem somehow to have more patients with each other and our little Grace and the love is much stronger. So DOY I'm excited for the best time of the year!!
The holidays mean family and I, fortunately, love all of mine, in laws and everything:) I can't wait for my parents to come up for Christmas and spend all Christmas Eve along with my two sisters and their families (minus the furry mammals in the back yard) And this year is Thanksgiving with the Seaton's so we look forward to GOOD FOOD and FAMILY, although they probably shouldn't be in that order.

So, I am trying to be patient and take it all in as it comes and treasure each moment, guess I'll have to learn patients. I'll have plenty to keep busy though, next week my sister, sister in law, mother in law and friend, Krista are going to do some MAD shopping in Oklahoma. Then comes Halloween WOO HOO!! So, happy holidays to you all I know for A LOT of you it will be the first with a new baby and it's so exciting!!

I can't post a blog without a picture so here are some from the 2009 Race for the Cure. My friend Lucretia was diagnosed on her 41st BIRTHDAY with breast cancer last year and we did the 2008 walk a week later. So, this year was very special marking the 1 year battle she has had and we all were there to walk with her. Kennedy's shirt last year said Babies for Boobies. This year it said Find a Cure Before I Grow BOOBS!

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Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Well you are really on the ball. I have bought 2 Christmas presents...does that count? Love ya