Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun Fun FUN!!

Kennedy, in her current state after her fun afternoon. For some reason this girl's favorite texture is hair and so she plays with her bella dolls hair when she can't play with mine.

I am the biggest fan of Winter, but when it comes down to staying inside ALL DAY with a 2 year old due to the quickly becomes my least favorite season. SO we hung out with Tiffany and Addalyn this afternoon. We met for lunch and then went over to Jump'n'Jive to get some energy out of these gals!! It was almost impossible to take pictures of these's one from Kennedy's birthday a couple weekends ago, they played so hard that day you can see it in their faces. I posted it on here because I failed to get a good one of them today together.

Waiting at McDonalds for the Land gals!!!

Kennedy going down the huge slide, Addalyn got smart and had Tiffany

carry her up the slide. Ha ha, she got a work out!

about to go down.....

I think that was the girls' favorite thing to play

They were running all over the place and had Tiffany and I cracking up,

it's something you have to see in person...they are like fast penguins running with their skinny long legs. Luckily they generally went in the same direction.

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Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Thanks so much for posting these pics. When did she grow up so much? Kennedy is going to be a very fun big sis! She is also very brave. It is all rainy and gloomy here so this brightened my day!!!! Love ya