Saturday, August 21, 2010


Ready to GO!!

Kennedy and I are trying to get in as much time together before the new baby Morgan comes, so today we went to the zoo before the 93 degree heat set in.  She's such a smart kind hearted kiddo, and come January she will be 3...and that makes me really sad. 
 I know with a baby coming she will be even more grown up too!  Cody and I are constantly braggin on how precious she is, (not that she doesn't visit the corner every now and then!)
She started coming in our room and waking us up by saying, "Mommy (daddy) I missed you" and then she will grab our face and give us a kiss and a hug and climb under the covers with us.  I hope she stays sweet forever! HA!! Then I think about my own household growing up and realize it's not that way forever, but until then she's our precious little Grace!

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Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Jena, what do you mean it isn't that way were still pretty sweet when you were 16! Kennedy is so precious and that won't change. She'll be a great big sis.