Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cha Cha Cha Changes...

So a week ago yesterday I went to work going on practically no sleep due to a night full of contractions, worked all morning, and suddenly realized I was spending more time making bathroom trips then tending to patients.  Then around 3 I drove home tired from the day.    Cody met me at home and drove me to the hospital because of a slow leak. 
Cody was pretty funny driving me to the hospital going 80, weaving through all the cars.  Ha ha, what a guy!  When we got there I asked for an epidural but was told I had to wait until I was admitted...SO I did.  I was dilated to a 4 and having progressive contractions every 3 minutes.  It was an amazing Labor and Delivery, I got my epidural after some relaxing IV medications, gotta love Nubian..., pushed 10 minutes and Morgan Kae Seaton arrived PERFECT!!!  Cody couldn't be happier with his two little "spawns".   Kennedy is comical, Cody and I just look at each other after some of the things she says or will do.  She is in love with her baby sister Morgan Grace Seaton, ha ha.  Morgan is so quiet and smiles ALL THE TIME, she must feel how much we all love her so.  Since Morgan is our last one I do occasionally hold her, Cody says I'm spoiling her, ha...and, I am! 

So Due to the above event, a change in blog name was in store.  So it has become Spawns of Seaton, hahaha.  I just love my little spawns!!!!

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