Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread Cupcakes??

O my mom won a cupcake tray with mix to go with and Ken and I thought we'd make them.  Her new found Independence prevents me from taking pictures of the baking process, otherwise water would have been the main flavor in these. So ANYWAY, they smelled great...
They looked and smelt great!

She had total rein on the sprinkles and picks

Going in for the taste...

(and I quote) "these are disgusting!!" Ha!!

This pic was posed obviously, but Cody actually liked these.  Very rare to find something sweet Cody likes
So poor Kennedy didn't have the outcome she imagined but any excuse for her to put on her apron is a success!! Oh and no post would be complete without a glimpse of baby MO!
Morgan Kae at 3 months

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