Friday, September 12, 2008

Ferberization continues....

OK so, this is really not easy. I know patients is key, but how much screaming can a person take?! I so wish I could have gotten a picture of last night's experience. It was about 4 am and Kennedy was on a rampage, she woke up and wanted so bad for us to get her out. Cody got up to "assure her" so she could fall back asleep, per Dr. Ferber's instruction. Come to find out he fell asleep on a pink fluffy rug while holding Kennedy's hand through the rails so they could both sleep and slept till 6.
Well, I slept through the whole thing so I was unaware of anything.
Honestly though, it is getting better. The crying sessions are shorter and sleep time is longer. I still wanna strangle parents who say their child had no trouble sleeping and still don't. Mostly out of jealousy though.
SO, this weekend we will hopefully be conquering this thing...I don't have my hopes up though and now I found out that it actually takes 6 nights on average. HALF WAY THROUGH!!!!


Jake and Julia Soler said...

I'll admit it...I'm laughing as I am reading this! But, watch this will be me begging and praying for sleep in no time....grrrr!

Mas, Sarah, and Saylor said...

girl, you are not the only one! Since Saylor turned about 6 months old she wakes up about 2 times a night. We just give her back her binky and she goes right back to sleep but it is so frustrating! But it is impossible for us to do the "ferberizing" process right now because since we live in a hotel, she sleeps right next to she can see us! So just letting her cry doesn't work! We will tackle this once we get settled in about a month. Good luck! Let me know how it works!