Monday, September 15, 2008

My Fair Kennedy

We went to the Tri State Fair this weekend. Ticket prices went up, surprise surprise, but we got free entry tickets from Jordan so that was 20 bucks well saved. I would have to say I was slightly disappointed because a few years ago while working at Pak A Sak I compiled a list of "Must Eat Foods at the Fair". It had 14 things on it and every year we buy them all. Due to technical difficulties this year we only were able to eat 10 and because I know that the one person that does read this might care, I decided to list them.

Turkey Leg
Cheese on a stick, twice
Lemonade, three times
12 inch corn dog
fried smores
fried ice cream
Carmel apple
sprite, for obvious reasons...
German sausage sandwich, Cody enjoyed thoroughly
oh and we ate off Jordan and Brandon's Fried Taters

2 years ago I would have been very disappointed at that list, but post pregnancy...things aren't like they use to be.

Kennedy loved the fair and was SO busy looking around at everyone and everything we never had to worry about her getting bored. Though at the end it did get a little cold and she wanted to be held.
I really wanted Cody to volunteer for the hypnotist, but he said he didn't want anyone controlling his mind. Jordan also wouldn't because she was afraid her sleep walking and talking would get worse...whatever!!! It was pretty cool to watch though, I highly recommend anyone to volunteer he said 1 hour under hypnosis was equivalent to 1 week's rest. WHY DIDN'T I DO IT?!

Any who we took some pics and learned how big of a ham Miss Kennedy is when you pull out a camera.

Thank my mom for the title...she thought of it.


Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

Excuse me, but where are the pics?

Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

I love how Kennedy (and you guys too) loves the fair!!!

Jake and Julia Soler said...

yes...another fun day that I missed out on...I'm always the sister that misses out :-( Wish we weren't so busy, would've loved to have gone.