Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Better Late than NEVER!!!

The girl of the hour!!

Kennedy's cake

Kaelynn tryin to pin the tail on the donkey

Jaden broke the pinata!!

Time to unwrap presants!!

Not sure what was so funny...
She ate the WHOLE THING!!

Cody was obviously excited

Look at those big brown eyes!

Nonna and Kaelynn


Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

How cute are those pictures! I must have some copies. Love the cake face.

Mas, Sarah, and Saylor said...

very cute!! Looks like lots of fun! Can't believe she ate her WHOLE cake. Saylor wasn't too interested, she barely got to the cake part!

Hooker Family said...

I love the pictures!! And I say it every time, she is such a mini Jena it is crazy!!! :) She is so precious I just cant stand it. It looked liked the party was a hit and whoever took those pictures did really good. I loved her cake!!! She is precious!!!