Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our GROWING family!

Our family has more than doubled in size and it has been great!! We just welcomed our lucky #13 to my side of the family February the 19th, introducing...Jared Wesley!!
Don't let the hep lock and oxygen scare you, he just required a few extra things before leaving the hospital. He is doing great, I'm a little jealous cause I think he'll be one of those calm, non-hiper kiddos!

I feel REALLY REALLY bad on this next subject because I unfortunately don't have a picture for our other addition, Kadon Jay Reep. He is #10 on Cody's side and SUCH a good baby, and seems pretty low maintenance. He was born 3 days before Jared.

OH and I should also mention that Fender, our Yorkie, "hooked up" (literally) with Brandon's mom's Maltese and made these.....

Now for our little Grace, I'm having a REALLY hard time with this whole working 40+ hours a week and being without Kennedy so long. Who knew I'd ever feel this way. I will be honest and say that maternity leave got SO old at the end. Here you have this baby and you wanna show her off, get out of the house, take her out on the town...but CAN'T and she only did 3 things: ate, slept and the diaper thing. So needless to say I was ok with going back and getting in the swing of things

She just recently learned to say "wuv you, good girl, bike (bite), woof woof, bye bye, bath, ahh puppy" oh and her favorite..."HI" Really she'll say anything you ask her to after repeating it over and over. She loves to dance and reads her books constantly. Only gibberish of course. She has us laughing continuously and seems to cheer us up at greatly needed times. So, I guess it's obvious I love the girl, but who wouldn't?!!

Here's some pictures most off my Iphone cause its usually all I have around during her cute moments. :)

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Jake and Julia Soler said...

Lots of babies lately :-) The puppies are adorable...NO, we don't want one, lol! I can't believe you still don't have pictures of Tara's baby...hurry and get some, I'm dying to see him! And my little guy is the darn cutest baby, I must say. I love the pictures of Kennedy...she's getting so big so fast. Teach her to say JuJu!