Thursday, September 17, 2009

Living Life now, "Toddler Style"

Cody's 10 year reunion is this May, and I was thinking about that a lot lately, not so much that he graduated 10 years ago...but that I graduated 8 years ago. I got to thinking how fast it has gone by and what have I been doing?!! Crazy to think that yes I have accomplished a lot in those 8 years!!

*Became a nurse and got a job a month later and love being a nurse. (no picture for that)

*Got Married to Cody, and I'm realizing how good of a decision that was more and more

*Thought I had mono, but realized it was just a case of pregnancy, ha ha!!

*January 2008, I received my true calling, I became a mother! Words can't express my feelings on this issue. When I look back at these picture I have such a mixture of emotions, how special it is to have a child and watch them grow, and at the same time ache with worry of the things that are to come that they must endure.

I would say the next step would be present. Cody is still working at Atmos Energy and challenges himself to learn and do new things. I am working part-time, maybe less and get to stay home with my Kennedy the rest of the time. We live a simple life and look forward to movie nights and taking Kennedy to do "new" things.

It's been hard when I think everything is good now and life is rolling on, because then I think about my parents and miss them and wish I could drive to see them when I wanted. Its been pretty nice to have a place to vacation to though, Corpus Christi is a nice get-away spot and my parents have a gorgeous home. Cody's family is here and my sisters are both close by so we aren't without family and Kennedy loves all of them.

I am embracing the time I have to stay home with Kennedy during the day, living my Life Toddler Style!!


Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

I am so proud of you...tear tear. And I miss you sooo much...sob sob. See you in 14days, 12 hours and just a few minutes!

Jake and Julia Soler said...

What a sweet post Jena!!! :-) Wish I could've seen Kenn more last night...I really miss seeing her all the time...its hard being so far from her...

Jared said he had so much fun with you and Jordan yesterday...thanks for watching him!

Sarah said...

Sweet!! That little girl is growing up!!