Sunday, August 9, 2009

A true "Coastal" :)

Today I was reassured that my parents were meant to be in Corpus for a very good reason. Instead of my dad having a mid life crisis like a lot of people do after turning 49, my dad did something else today. I feel like a 3rd grader writing a paper because I'm so proud of my dad, and he doesn't read these but if he ever does find out, he's gonna say, "Jena why did you put that thing on there, take that off" in a country boy accent. SO read on and see if you feel the same way I did....

Bicyclist Lucky To Be Alive After Crashing Into The Bay
CORPUS CHRISTI - It's safe to say one man is lucky to be alive after riding his bike into the water.
The whole incident happened at the Nueces Bay Causeway going towards Portland.
A bicyclist was travelling northbound when witnesses say he crashed into the guardrail and flipped over the bridge and into the water.
Some of those quick-thinking witnesses are the reason he is alive.
One witness, Ophelia Garza, told KRIS 6 News, "He was on this side of the road and he just went in front of us and hit this and he went over."
CCPD Lieutenant J.C. Hooper explained, "He veered across three lanes of traffic, hit the barricade on the west side of the causeway and went into the water."
Witnesses say the 50-year-old man was unconscious and floating in the water - and if it wasn't for some good Samaritans, he may not have lived.
Jane Pieper, whose husband, Courtney, performed CPR at the scene, told 6 News, "My husband saw him and said 'Stop! I'm going to jump in and help him.'"
Pieper says her husband, along with another man, Wes Gore, were two of the people who helped rescue the bicyclist and resuscitate him.
Gore said, "Another man named Pieper jumped in first, so I followed his lead and Pieper was knocking the heck out of him - his stomach - I thought he was gone. But anyway, if Pieper hadn't jumped in he would've been gone."
Incredibly, the man was taken to the hospital with only bumps and bruises.
Police say without those who were willing to jump in and save the man, the outcome would've been much worse.
Lieutenant Hooper asserted, "That was above and beyond for them to jump in the water. Luckily, the water was shallow enough that they could stand and support him."

~After talking to my dad, he said the water was a little more shallow than he expected and he and the other guy each have a pretty sore ankle. But that's expected cause my dad always hurts his ankle when he falls/jumps off of things. But that's a whole different story, but if you ask...I'll tell you. But in all seriousness this poor guy could have died if no one would have got to him in time. I wonder if I would have done the same thing or just froze in fear? Guess you never know till it happens. But if you ask me I could have told you my dad would have jumped in...he's "Coastal" now and there's no going back. :)


adie1983 said...

What an awesome story, your dad rocks!

Jake and Julia Soler said...

Jena, did you see that they ran the story again today...there is different footage and the video...check it out, its really awesome! :-)