Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vacation time means time to paint and potty train!!

Yeah...Cody and I took off for 6 days to get miss Kennedy potty trained and give our house an affordable face lift.

We started trying to get Kennedy use to using the toilet at 12 months. I REFUSE to use the mini, portable, toilet those things are SO gross!! I can't even imagine the things that could happen having 2 dogs and a curious toddler. Plus it would be a fight on who's turn it is to clean it out. For those of you that used one I applaud you, I'm just too lazy and stubborn.
So...she has a stool and a seat that work just fine. I've passed the time waiting for "it" to happen by painting her toenails, teaching colors, singing, and other embarrassing things you put yourself through to keep her laughing , every parent has done something like that I'm sure....Only 1 accident today and we are so excited. M&M's and a 20 minute timer have both worked far anyway. I do realize that I most likely have jinxed myself by posting this. She hates messes so that alone will help things hopefully..........

This was a couple months ago, her legs are now closer to the stool.

We are also painting our kitchen, living room ceiling, and hallway. So every 20 minutes I run and find Kennedy if she hasn't already screamed potty and ran towards the bathroom. Its kinda funny how distressed she gets, like at Home Depot one around us had to wonder what she needed to do she's a screamer.

Oh and my sister Jordan got a teaching job at Fannin, which is right down the street from us. She is teaching AND coaching!! First job interview and she got it. So we have been down to help her fix up her room. While we were there Kennedy found her pockets. Funny kid!!

Well to all of you teachers, hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer. Seems like everyone I'm around is a teacher, so they are getting paid to be off and I'm not and I'm jealous and not ashamed to admit it. BUT, you all soon will be back and all will be well.


Hooker Family said...

Well I am jealous...I said that this summer since Keenan and I both were off we would get Kaden potty trained...nope!! We had the seat because I feel the same way about the portable potties, but he would not even sit on it at all on the big potty. So we got a portable one and now he is just sitting there....for hours! But no potty yet! But I have heard girls usually learn before boys. :) so lucky you! Well good luck with it all...pray for us that it will come soon...Talk to you soon

Jake and Julia Soler said...

Tawney Kae,

Kennedy will be so mad at you one day for putting a picture of her on the toilet for the whole world to see, least no bath tub in the sink pictures are on here, lol. I do love the picture of her at Jordan's class room, that's so her outfit too :-) I want to see the new paint in your it looks awesome. Well, talk to ya later.