Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Friend of Ken!!

Another picture post!!

We got to watch Dallas and Megan's youngest son, Colton, a couple weeks ago and he is such a sweet little boy and has a very kind heart. Obviously at first didn't care for all the love from Kennedy but she won him over in the end.

My sister, Julia, and her 4 kids: Jacob, Jaden, Kaelynn and the new arrival as of February, Jared. I don't have any of kennedy holding Jared, but that doesn't mean she hasn't!! They can all carry her around (minus Jared) and Kennedy seems to always be really interested in what Jaden is doing pretty much constantly, poor guy. Kaelynn is nice to her and lets her play her toys and most of the time GIVES them to Kennedy! Jacob is like a big brother to Kennedy and carries her around as much as we will let him!! I think Kennedy and little Jared are almost the same size now!!

These are Kennedys cousins that are Cody's sister's. Keelie, Kylie, and Kadon (also new as of February) Cody's mom gets to watch Kennedy and Kadon most of the time, so she sees them daily. Kennedy thinks that Kadon is her's and will be the first one to shove that plug in his mouth and tell you he is crying. Keelie is 12 now so she gets to babysit Kennedy every now and then. Kylie, Kennedy can't ever get enough of and has learned A LOT from that girl.

SO, to all those who say have another poor Kennedy needs a sibling I say, "Why, she's not suffering"!!

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Jake and Julia Soler said...

Cute post Jena Kae :-) Mom and Dad and I laughed at your last line...but I still say hurry and have another one....my kids need more cousins close to their age and Kenn needs a REAL sibling!!!