Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Over 2 months later....

Here are some of the pictures from our Spring Vacation to Corpus Christi in May. It's a picture overload so enjoy.

Cody's picture of the dinner before the Korn concert, and then us taking our traditional picture with our tickets cause we are just so hard core.

Next is Cody and Kennedy at Fiesta Texas, Cody fullfilling his dream to meet, "The Dancin' Man" . Then Kennedy getting an unexpected blast in the face in Wiggle World.

Good thing Cody never gets on this, and this is what happens when you don't read your own blog....I like them though. Cody's a really fun dad and they had a blast in the ocean. Kennedy didn't even mind all the salt.

And this is my little girl at her best, she is the most prissy girl. We ended up leaving her babies there, but mom soon mailed them back to us. Although we did have to stop on the way and buy a new one she was going through withdrawls.

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