Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coastal for a Week!!

Mother's Day Sunday we drove back from our 7 day vacation: visiting my parents, relaxing, spending WAY too much money, eating REALLY well, spending quality time as a family, going to the ocean, enjoying the sunshine....and we can't seem to snap out of vacation mode. We both went right back to work this Monday and it just isn't working for us, but here the weekend is coming up again and hopefully we can get back to normal!! I have a few pictures to post, but most of them are on the camera that we haven't got around to downloading :)

Now Kennedy, on the other hand, is just moving right along. She is sleeping in her toddler bed, potty training is still in progress, and we've moved on from animal sounds to colors. I will post more pics as they come, but this time away was SO overdue and SO needed!! My parents need a vacation now cause Cody and Kennedy were a lot to handle I think...kinda needy...

The following pictures are: Rain forest Cafe in San Ant.(This is only posted because I can not believe how much that little girl looks like her dad! But looking at my face in this, I bet she's glad) ha ha!
The next picture is a collage of air blown glass made out of flowers, Me eating oysters at pier 99, Kennedy is standing next to Shirley Temple (it's not how I remember her looking, maybe its an older version) The last one is Cody really excited about being on the River Walk. My mom and dad were there too, not sure why no pictures yet, but there will be some!!!


Sarah said...

Your little Kennedy is such a fast little learner--already sleeping in a toddler bed and potty training!! Impressive!

adie1983 said...

Looks like a fun vacation! How is the potty training coming? I still think Kennedy looks like YOU from the pics, what a cutie!

Foster's Journey said...

Could Kennedy be any cuter? Seriously, she is a doll. I am glad you guys got to hang out with your parents for a while. (they need to move back here :) )