Sunday, November 8, 2009

South for the Winter

Well, not the WHOLE winter...
Kennedy and I will be flying high tuesday, yup just the two of us. I'm a little concerned (actually extremely nervous) about this trip. My feelings worsened after I heard about the woman and child getting KICKED OFF THE PLANE because the child wouldn't stop crying or throwing a fit. OH MY GOSH!!! I have the following: books (7 of them), Coloring book and crayons, Ipod with Yo Gaba gaba episodes, CANDY, bendaryl, and a pacifier i found from when she was 6 months old.

So, if you couldn't read the fine print, don't worry about it. Those are my EMERGENCY ONLY ITEMS. I am excited if I could just get past the plane ride there. The thing that always has gotten on my nerves about flying to Corpus is that it takes too long. No matter what you stop in Dallas and Houston instead of just Houston or Dallas. We also have a 25 minute layover in Dallas so I hope we aren't running late AHHHHH. It will be nice to see my parents and Cody's excited cause Call of Duty comes out so I'm sure he'll be hooking that up to our flat screen in our living room and have a good 'ole time screaming at all the 13 year old teens playing.
Well hopefully I won't have a story of getting kicked off the plane to blog when I get back if you are up at 7am Tuesday say a little prayer for Kennedy Grace and I...WE WILL NEED IT!!!

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Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

I'm counting the minutes! If they kick you off the plane just call me....but who would ever not want Kennedy around? No matter how she is acting she is cute and fun. Ask the pilot if she can sit with them when you need a break. Love ya