Tuesday, November 10, 2009


That's right we made it! I was doubtful because Kennedy doesn't seem to be shy, embarrassed or afraid of ME. I kinda considered the idea I may be a repeat of the mother who was kicked off due to her child's behavior on the plane. I'm guessing the prayer Cody said before we left may have helped cause she was such a good girl. There was one time that she kicked the seat in front of us and the grouchy old business select guy turned around. I just said, "it was her" and pointed to Kennedy and he turned around after an eye roll. HA HA! I ended up having to use all my emergency items and she got sticky sucker everywhere but wasn't crying that's the only thing that matters. The flight staff was awesome and ate Kennedy up. Kennedy cheered when we finally landed in Corpus and said TA DA!!!

We did leave Cody, but I think time away will only make him appreciate his girls even more!!! And like I said, Call of Duty comes out this week so he'll be suffering through the loneliness just fine! Well, Kennedy is taking a nap and I wanted to update Cody on his girls down south. We love you and Kennedy will miss you eventually. She did tell me, " bye mama" once her Nonna got her at the airport so don't feel bad she thought I should leave her too. ok here are some pictures.....

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