Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Grobie

Thats what Kennedy has been telling Cody all day because her life is centered around Yo Gaba Gaba and Brobie but she pronounces it Grobie. Today is Codys birthday 28 years old!! He is spending it at work while Im home with our sick little one. Here are some random things I have come to discover about this 28 year old husband of mine.....

1. Most of you know this, but he L-O-V-E-S Transformers.

2. He has a huge appreciation for music of all kinds and is a good musician himself.

3. He has been a part of 3 bands

4. Kennedy has him wrapped around her little finger

5. He loves chips and queso and could survive on them if possible

6. He was an almost expert father the day Kennedy came home

7. He will always be the last to get up in the morning, I have accepted that fact

8. He eats every new recipe I try and says its awesome about every one

9. He wears holes in his underwear and socks faster than ANYONE!

10. He likes to shop as long as I don't take TOO long in my decision making

11. He gets excited over the little things

12. He makes it so hard to not smile when he is being goofy and I am mad at him

13. Kennedy LOVES him so much and he is such a fun dad

14. He is not your typical Texan, and people say he should live in New York because he is pretty Liberal

15. He voted for Obama :)

16. He will find everything out for himself and will NOT go with a crowd

17. He gets claustrophobic when around big crowds, but never at a crowded concert

18. He joins in at concert Mosh pits

19. He is a great decorator, and helps me pick out my clothes

20. He is 28 and that means I have 2 years to have another child...

21. The first thing he says when I get home is, "How was your day" and then he really listens
22. And of course a patient husband, fun dad, sweet son, and truthful person


Korihor said...

Thank you Jena...I love you very much!!!

Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

This is all sooo true. I love him very much also. Kennedy is lucky to have such a great dad. He can help her pick out her clothes too when she is older...that should be fun.