Sunday, April 25, 2010


This was the result of an early morning Wal Mart run to save my injured child from her run in with a window seal. It was too late for the Sponge Bob ice pack, but I figured it would be good to have for future accidents. I also bought her some candy to distract her while I played Dr. Mom....she probably could have used a couple stitches but decided it would be awful in itself to go through all that. So butterfly it was....
Kennedy loves jumpin on our bed and on her daddy, and that's what happened Saturday morning when she was going to jump on Cody with a blanket on her head and caught the edge of the window seal. She was a tough cookie though, and was more concerned as to why I had blood on me and constantly asking if I was ok. She's such a sweet girl.

No matter how cute the Band Aid, she sees one and thinks SHOTS. That was the most traumatic part so Cody decided he needed to wear one too....

...and he did...he wore it All. Day. LONG.

This Thursday starts our vacation, but this time around Cody and I are going to Dallas for Edgefest and good Eatin, and Kennedy is going to her Nonna and Pepa's with Kaelynn for WAY FUN!!! She will be gone almost 6 days and 5 nights. I started packing her today and I think if anyone has a hard time it will be me!! She is going to have so much fun and has already tried to leave with her luggage, ha ha!
Also, we will find out the gender of baby Seaton the week following our Vacation, I can't believe we are almost into our 6th month!!!!

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adie1983 said...

Ouch, poor baby, makes my eye hurt just thinking about it. I know I am so far behind, but congrats on little Seaton #2! Hope you are feeling well.