Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Second Seaton Sister

Little "Morgie" turned a year 09/08/11 this year, and we had a CEL-E-BRA-TION!!! It was such a fun Carnival party, man does my family know how to throw a party! It was 2 months ago but I think I'm doing good posting this with in 6 months.  Morgan and Kennedy are so different and at first I thought, Oh YES I have a quiet more extrovert...maybe she will be more like Cody.  I've since changed my thoughts on that. 

I think I may be at my peak of happiness right now, I feel like I can breath and enjoy these 3....  If this were a made for TV movie the soundtrack would be something upbeat and maybe Nelly Frutado-ish..... not to say we haven't met our few hiccups but I guess it gives us prospective. So I just kinda went off on a tangent and am not sticking to the subject at hand which is Morgan Kae
Here are her stats' When we went for her 12 month check she was right at 20lbs, (two pounds heavier than Kennedy Grace was) But Morgan is still less than 50% surprisingly!  She is really tall and I suck at life because I don't remember how tall!!! She was 75% though... She is in size 3 diapers, attached to her bottle, and a pretty decent eater.  She loves to be held, but insists on her OWN bed.  Her favorite people are her dada and "ninny".  I swear she is calling me Nena...whatever....I am so lucky cause my MIL Gayla is watching her for me and so that's avoided a lot of sickness and worry on my part. Thanksgiving is coming next Thursday and it's helping me to focus on the positive in my life and that's something I'm trying to really keep in perspective. And so come the pictures.....

I forgot I made these!  I made these out of super jumbo marshmallows

Interesting experiment, gone wrong. Carmel apple slices that didn't quite make it...

I take FULL CREDIT for these, they were the easiest and looked the best I thought

Tara was a cotton candy extrodinare!

She is a little Lush for that bottle

Kennedy Grace

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