Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WHAAAaaaat....2011 is about to be no more??!!

I really want to be better about posting on my bloggy here, but its merely a wish just like I wish I could get this new Betsey Johnson purse...I just want to be able to read back on this and remember what the heck we were up to.

Well in other news, we are just around the corner from my Kennedy's 4th birthday, 2012 minus 2008 is four right?! (I feel sick)
Morgan the not-so-baby, is 15 months now. GEEEZE!! Oh and Cody turned 30 HA! I'm glad I stopped aging at 27 cause this is getting ridiculous!!
We just celebrated Christmas and are getting ready for the new year.  Morgan had her well child appointment today, weighs 21 pounds (skinny), 23(tall) inches, and still has a big noggin.  Also she had to get her 3 immunizations today, and did well but Kennedy was a BASKET CASE!! Shesh, she got a sucker and a sticker cause she handled the shots well.  Morgan got a sucker too :) 

Morgan Kae is:  eating ALL and EVERYTHING, her favorite words: Ninny (kennedy), Penny, Here, Stop, and Bu bye, dad, daddy. She is very inquisitive and laughs at the most random things. She makes a "cheese" face when I hold my phone up (even when I'm not taking a picture) Dances and sings when ANY form of music is on, She LOVES her bed and giving kisses before night time, Her Daddy is her favorite person. AT. ALL. TIMES, already pesters her sister, and would live in the fridge if I would let her.  She is the perfect completion of our family and will probably get away with anything, she is hilarious and I love her SOOO!!

 Kennedy Grace is:  a ballerina, girly as heck, has a boyfriend , wants to be "a star" when she gets big, loves everyone she meets, worries about people who are sick or sad, leaves the room when anything on a movie gets intense, eats like a bird, ends up in our bed every morning, bedtime is NOT her forte. I love her, she melts my heart.

2012,it's crazy that it's here...that means I've been graduated for 10 freakin years, what does that mean?! Do I need to consider myself old now?! Do I have to stop listening to my music loud and going to concerts? Crap I'm not gonna!!!! Well Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We Seaton 4 are welcoming the future and my heart is full and hopes are high!!!
I don't have any pictures of myself becausee you would be looking at, well a picture I'd be taking of myself and I just don't do that...it lowers my self esteem, those never turn out good and I'd much rather show you my gorgeous family! And that is my rationale of the absent Jena Pics.

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Tori said...

I really don't think your girls could be any cuter! They are both so precious! Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas! :)