Monday, April 16, 2012

Somethings are NOT too good to be true!!!

I am SOOOO excited about this new venture I'm on and for those of you that know me..this is very much out of my NORM!!!
After growing people and them basically taking over by body, I finally got my body BACK and decided I wanted to get fit!  I came across this site for these Wraps that after 45 minutes leave you TONED, FIRM, AND TIGHTENED.  (That was about a year ago...)
ell then I actually tried a body wrap and OMG...I lost an inch in each arm after one 45 minute wrap!! Then, I tried another wrap on my stomach and lost 3 inches..HELLO, sign me up! 

 The It Works company located in Michigan have all
NATURAL products and their #1 seller is the Ultimate Body Wraps.  The #2 seller is  GREENS (honestly I just purchased and am currently trying we can talk later about them, it's 8 servings of veggies in two scoops and you add it to milk, juice water...I give it to my kids as "Shrek Juice")
So since I work as a nurse in a family medical office and see the nation at their unhealthiest, these products really spoke to me....

This graph makes so much sense to me..there should be something that can help people feel better/look better and BE BETTER! 
Cody, the hubby, and I work out regularly and know that without exercise, staying active, and drinking water on a regular basis is a must!! So don't think that just because I have found an amazing product that show immediate results without any exercise (or really ANY work at all) I still know that healthy diet, and exercise are very crucial!----although it's kinda nice to let a product do all the work for you....


These products are detoxifying and when I dissected the ingredients in the Ultimate Body Wrap I was amazed at the pharmacology of these things! It actually opens the pores, pulls the lipids (or fat) out, there's actually an ingredient that saturate the walls of a cell and work to release accumulated subcutameous fat, it then liquefies and becomes excreted through your system.  Herbs and natural ingredients then replace the cells with hydration.  There's also Methylsilan Mannuronate that will normalize cell metabolism, that reduced cellulite.  And then there is Fucus Vesiculosus that eliminates toxins and renews cells that comes from Thallus or bulbous root. If you wanna get real deep this wrap contains Limonene, it's an orange/pine scent and research has shown that it has anti carcinogenic, or anti cancer effects.  There's more...those are just the highlights, but I'll leave you with those, cause I may have lost some already....
Here are some of the most impressive before and after shots that my team has been able to capture..REAL PEOPLE TOO!! The butt one is actually my team mate :) 


Defining Gel is awesome BTW..I do have some of that and I use it on the marks my pregnancy left...but those scars are actually fading!! Its like the Ultimate Body Wraps, but un-concentrated....

This one's awesome, especially since I know the girl. She used two wraps a week apart with Defining Gel in between with this great result!!

No-MO-back fat betty!!! lol

This is the actual Wrap, you can cut it up too, I can make 4 chin/neck wraps out of one, so your actually getting 4 uses in one if you wrap your neck!!!

OK so I'm officially a "Mary Kay" or "Avon sales lady"
but it's just worth getting this product out there!  If you haven't tried this you have to cause your missing out..even Demi Moore uses the Facial Wraps LOL LOL!!!

And I have tried them too BTW and they are amazing!!!

Well anyway, the only way to actually believe all my craziness is to try it yourself!! go to my website:
Take a look around and if you have any questions, give me a text, or email!
There are discounted price options if you buy through me and I can give you the details personally too!!
I can't wait to hear your results because everyone that I have wrapped has had great ones!!!!!!

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