Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scary little Monster!!

Kennedy looked so cute in her costume for Halloween! I had her try it on in September and she did not like it AT ALL. She did great on Halloween though...could have been because she got to try suckers for the first time!! Cody took her around to his work, mine, her Aunt T's and Kennedy's grandma Effie. Jordan and I took her out that night and went to a couple houses. We stopped at Rhonda's house, Liz's, and Gigi's where Kennedy got to shed the pink monster and was SO GLAD!! Here are some pictures of the night. These are from Gigi's when she got to take off the costume, it wasn't as cold as we anticipated it to be.

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Jake and Julia Soler said...

Ah! So cute! and so not fair :-( ...wish I lived as close to you as Jordan *tears* Kaelynn and I watched her giggling on the video 4 times so far...so glad you put it on here! More...more vidoes!!!!