Saturday, January 16, 2010

We made it to 2!

We went to Kabuki for her birthday dinner and she loved the soup and the chef, not so much the fire...

This was a reaction to the thought of fire....

We had the opportunity to take some of Kennedy's friends to Jump'n'Jive today to celebrate Kennedy's 2 year birthday!! It was SUCH a fun time. All Kennedy's little friends were there (minus Aysen and Charli) Kennedy is OH SO independent...I tried so hard to get pictures of her and she never stood still long enough for a good picture.
I can not believe she is 2!!

She is:

-going into her 2nd week of Day school and she loves it!!

-sleeping still pretty well in her toddler bed

-Loves to go ridin in the car or going with her grandparents anywhere

-refuses to be potty trained :) but today went to her potty without me having to force her...I'm not holding my breath though...

-talks in full sentences: "follow me mama" "I wanna watch Dore" "can I have some Kooool Aid..Peeeess"


-says Please and Thank You when necessary and without being told most of the time


-enjoys her DANCE time with daddy daily

-is not the best eater but would never pass up sweets

-tall and skinny

Now for pictures of Kennedy's 2nd birthday....and the many attempts at a good picture of Kennedy.....


Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

So so excited about Kennedy's brother or sister. Isn't it amazing she is two! I just love her and you and Cody too of course. Wow am I old if I am waiting on grandbaby number 6??!!!

Three Guys & a Gal said...

Congrats on the new baby!!!!! 2 year olds are fun!!! Hope you are feeling well! Tell Kennedy Happy Birthday!:)

Hooker Family said...

So excited you are having another one! :) Ours will just be a few months apart, again! :) How exciting! Kennedy is so much like you it is scary! :) Did you think that God could create a mini Jena?!? Lord help us if He creates a mini me! :) We will see in just a few short weeks! Hope you are feeling well. talk to you soon