Monday, January 17, 2011

...and today she is 3!!

This morning we went to the donut stop, Kennedy told the lady:  it was her birthday, she was three, and, "My mom is sad" Ha, then she got a dozen free donut holes :)
 This girl has been the meaning to our lives for 3 whole years now!  We got pictures taken before her bday party yesterday and here are the out takes I thought were too cute.  Some fun facts about Kennedy: she loves to read, LOVES her baby sister Morgan, loves "comic book friday" with her daddy, cooking anything and everything, spending the night with her Mema and Pepa, Loves her cousins, Loves flying to see her Nonna and Pepa, and she loves all her nursery friends at church!  

 Things I love about this 3 year old:  the way she wakes us up in the morning saying "I had sweet dreams, and I so missed you!", how she just knows when you need a hug or a cuddle, how much she still loves her sister, the way she says her prayers, I love that I can call her mine!
 I wish I could list all the funny moments I encounter with her on a daily basis, because this kid is hilarious!!
 I remember the day she was born 3 years ago and the second she was here I couldn't take my eyes off of her, the first thing I remember was hoping she would be strong enough for the world and fearing for all the things she would have to go through.  And 3 years after I already know that the world is lucky to have her! 



Three Guys & a Gal said...

I remember the day too!! Can't believe she is 3!! Such a beautiful little girl!

Einsamer Seaton said...

Happy Birthday little girl.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Wes and Donna's Big Adventure said...

I love the same things about Kennedy too. She is lucky to have wonderful parents to shape her and set such a good example.